Senior Assisted Living Services

Elderly Assisted Living Care

Doctor Consultation for Senior Citizens
Assisted Living Care

Our assisted living gives ailing elders personalized medical care and assistance with day-to-day activities in a residential setting. They are for seniors whose health or well-being requires a higher level of support. Under the supervision of trained elder care professionals, NNRC ELCA offers you the best in comfort, safety, and a warm environment.

NNRC ELCA is designed to suit seniors' age and challenges. At NNRC ELCA, our Assisted living care supports various factors, including Medication Management, Assistance with using the bathrooms, grooming, feeding, and much more. We assure in making the quality of life significantly better for you or your loved ones needing medical and day-to-day assistance.

The goal of the Senior care program is
  • Our long-term assistance is scheduled following the senior's routine.
  • You will solely benefit from the active lifestyle we provide.
  • You can interact with your peers and participate in various group activities to keep you engaged and happy.

Why Choose NNRC ELCA

Amazing Atmosphere

The atmosphere makes seniors feel at home, and their dream comes true.

Assisted Living

Senior centred care with support for basics like feeding, bathing, dressing based on need.

Skilled Nursing

Top nursing facilities for the elderly who require a high level of medical assistance.

Recreational Services

Fun and Frolic with social activities to get Seniors engaged, active and stress- free.

Pharmacy Support

Full-fledged pharmacy facilities for seniors to support their medical conditions.

24/7 Special Service

24/7 Special Services for the elderly to meet their elderly related medical emergencies.