Assited Living Nursing Care

Senior Assisted Living Nursing Care Services

Doctor Consultation for Senior Citizens
Nursing Care

Our nursing care plan shows how to identify a patient's requirements and provide comprehensive care. To provide quality patient care over a while, at NNRC ELCA, our certified nurses are trained with six main components: Assessment, Diagnosis, Expected outcomes, Intervention, Rationale, and Evaluation. We ensure a care plan based on the patient's needs and health goals.

Some of our common nursing care interventions include
  • Administration of medication, injections, and infusions.
  • Perform nursing procedures like catheterization, Ryles tube insertion, suture removal, wound dressing, and more.
  • Feeding Assistance.
  • Bedside care and assistance.
  • Post ICU/Discharge support.
  • Monitoring of vitals and recovery progress.

Why Choose NNRC ELCA

Amazing Atmosphere

The atmosphere makes seniors feel at home, and their dream comes true.

Assisted Living

Senior centred care with support for basics like feeding, bathing, dressing based on need.

Skilled Nursing

Top nursing facilities for the elderly who require a high level of medical assistance.

Recreational Services

Fun and Frolic with social activities to get Seniors engaged, active and stress- free.

Pharmacy Support

Full-fledged pharmacy facilities for seniors to support their medical conditions.

24/7 Special Service

24/7 Special Services for the elderly to meet their elderly related medical emergencies.