FAQ On Senior Assisted Living

FAQ About Elder Care Services, Coimbatore

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is suitable for seniors who need support in daily living. Daily living assistance, including assistance with dressing, bathing, evening care, and medication monitoring. It is individually designed to meet the needs and preferences of each person.
In assisted living, residents have the comfort of maintenance, housekeeping, nutritious food and laundry services. Additionally, the residents gets complete access to all of the community's amenities, which support an active lifestyle and provide easy access to entertainment, recreation, dining, and transportation.

What is Palliative Care?

People with serious illnesses can receive specialised medical care called Palliative care. Relief from the illness's symptoms and stress is the main goal of this kind of care. The objective is to enhance the patient's and the family's quality of life.
A specifically trained group of physicians, nurses, and other professionals who collaborate with a patient's medical clinicians to offer an additional layer of support provides Palliative care.

What are the benefits of joining NNRC ELCA?

    24 hours Care and support by Trained professionals and Geriatrician

    Services intended to improve Independence

    Nutritious diets

    Holistic wellness by activities


What are the services included in the monthly assisted living plan?

    Three healthy, delicious meals are served in their room every day

    Regular wellness, social and spiritual events and programs

    Housekeeping services

    Regular visit by In house Doctor

    24 hours Nursing supervision

    Medication management

    24-hour security

Will there be a Doctor available in the community?

An experienced Doctor will be available 24 hours for medical support and in case of emergencies.

Is trial stay available?

Trial Stay is available for a period of 2 days.

Is short-term stay available?

It is available and will be billed on per day basis.

Is smoking or drinking possible inside the community?

Smoking and Drinking is restricted inside the community.

Are there options for private or communal rooms for residents?

Both options are available.

Is there a separate bathroom in each room, or are bathrooms shared?

Each room has a private bathroom.

What are the furnishings I can expect within the room?

Each assisted living room is furnished with a senior-friendly bed, reading table, cupboards, medical cabinet, TV, and Senior friendly bathroom.

Is there a place where residents can do their own, arts and crafts, or other hobbies?

Yes. Residents are encouraged to engage themselves in creative activities to improve their skills and confidence.

Is there a media/TV room?

Movies will be played in the Entertainment room for everyone. TV is available in all rooms.

What is your medication management policy? Is self-administration of medication allowed?

Medication will be monitored by our Senior Doctor and administered by Nurses based on previous and current medical History. Self-administration is not allowed in the community.

Will family and friends be able to visit?

Visitors are welcome to visit from 10 Am to 5 Pm. There are a variety of programs, meals, and activities where visitors are encouraged to participate with their loved ones!

Will there be anyone available to help 24 hours?

We have an emergency response system in every room. We manage with 24-hour personal care staff and trained healthcare professionals on-call 24 hours a day.

What happens if residents decide to alter or skip their morning schedule?

Every resident has a personal care plan that specifies when they should be helped to get dressed or take their medications. Usually, they’re awakened by the doorbell or a knock, unless they let staff know beforehand they want to sleep in.

How do you decide the kind of plan needed?

Upon move-in, nurses will assess your loved one’s personal care and service needs, obtain an updated medical evaluation and review medical history to see how to best tailor services to fit their needs. A Program Coordinator will also discuss with them their preferences, such as specific foods they dislike or may be allergic to, as well as any normal routines, such as the time they start their day.

What happens when someone gets sick?

There are alert signals in each room. Each individual care plan includes a provision where staff will check on residents if they don’t hear or see them within a certain period. Residents are also able to see their regular doctor; however, there is always a nurse available 24 hours who can help.

Are there 24-hour emergency response systems in the rooms?


What will happen in case of medical emergency?

In case of emergency, the seniors will be admitted to their preferred nearby hospital for immediate attention and care. A family member or local guardian is then called, and he or she approves for further therapy / treatment.

Are incontinence supplies included in the monthly cost?

It is available in our community but not included in monthly cost.